The owners of a cat, that was unintentionally given to the arc thrift store in Denver

The missing cat was soon located in an arc store

A frightened and unfortunate cat was reunited with his family after being accidentally given to a resale store in Denver. The cat named Montequlla was captured inside a reclining  machine, that his owners had left on New Year’s Eve.

“On New Year’s Eve Denver animal protection received a call from a store telling, that someone had just left a furniture for donation and they discovered a cat trapped inside.” told the city authorities.

An animal control officer went there and freed the animal, making sure it was okay.

The police found a microchip and wanted to contact the owners, but failed. Later the officers received a call from the owners hoping they had found their cat.

“They told they were moving and had given a chair to a thrift store without understanding their cat Montequlla had crawled inside it.” told the municipal officials.

Soon Montequlla went missing and they searched their empty house but couldn’t find him. So they decided to return to the store.

Soon after the owners were reunited with their cat.

“They were so fortunate to have located him.” told the officials.

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