The owner took a big risk by pulling out his cat’s bowl and pretending to eat from it. That’s interesting!

The man pretended to eat from his cat’s bowl to see his reaction.

Here is a funny story about a case when a man decided to check if how his cat would react when he pulled its bowl and pretended to eat from it.

But it was a bit dangerous because the cat could hurt him without thinking about the consequences. The man took a big risk, but luckily the cat was so kind and decided to solve the problem without dangerous attacks.

Fortunately, the man didn’t lose an eye because his cat kept his balance in that situation.

The cat calmly approached his paw to the bowl and pulled it towards him, instead of hurting the man’s face. Such a kind boy!

But don’t try this at home, or before trying it on your cat think about the consequences and put something protective on your face.

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