The owner couldn’t refuse the frightened kitten discovered under the truck

The couple adopted a cute kitten found under the truck

When a man found a scared kitten next to his car outside the office, he knew he couldn’t leave her there. “The cat mother came and left the kitten there. There wasn’t any other kitten.” told the man.

The man sent the kitten’s picture to his wife and asked if he could bring it home. And his wife told, that she couldn’t simply refuse that face.

They immediately took her to the vet. “That’s how we found out she’s a woman. She’s got her vaccines and became a new kitty. She was very small when she was found.”

“The new kitty got used to out r dog and cat very soon. She’s safe, healthy, warm and loved.” told the couple.

“The cat mother abandoned the kitten.”

“Can I bring the kitten home?” my husband asked after finding it.

“That’s how they understood she’s a woman” told the couple after taking her to the vet.

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