The man went to check his duck and her eggs, but found out something unexpected there, which surprised him a lot

When the owner wanted to see the duck’s eggs, he discovered something else there.

When Rex, the owner of a cute duck, went to check her eggs, found something surprising there. A baby marsupial visited them and found its comfort by the mother’s side.

The owner noticed that the duck welcomed the baby with happiness, and it didn’t disturb them, so he decided to let the cutie stay with them as much as it wanted.

Although the little marsupial felt safe and protected next to the duck’s family, it left them from time to time and returned again.

Seeing that the baby felt great there, Rex made it stay with them until it will find a foster family.

At first the man thought that the cutie came there to be safe and warm in the mother’s arms, but later he discovered that marsupials eat insects, berries, grubs and… of course, bird feed.

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