The man saved 10 kangaroos whose lives were in danger. That’s exciting!

This kind man became the savior of these helpless kangaroos.

When the war in Ukraine started, many animals suffered and many more continue to be at risk.

These 10 adorable kangaroos were lucky enough to be rescued by a van driver.

But these are not the only ones who were saved by this kind man. Since the beginning of the war, he has saved many other defenseless animals.

Unfortunately, he cannot save all the animals, so many of them pass away and others are injured. This includes large felines, primates, ungulates, marsupials, birds and so on.

He has also rescued many rare turtles.

Many animals have escaped from their zoos to protect themselves from danger, while others are unable to get out of their cages and are injured. That’s awful!

Poor animals!

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