The loss of her beloved cat broke the teacher’s heart, but one day her students surprised her

The teacher lost her lovely cat, but then got the most exciting surprise from her class.

Here is a touching story about a teacher named Tonya Andrew, who lost her beloved cat named Blondie and got depressed. The 16 years old cat passed away just in the woman’s arms, when she wanted to take her to a vet. This broke the woman’s heart and she was crying all day, even during classes at school.

Her students were so excited to see that their lovely teacher was sad and heartbroken, so they decided to surprise her in an exciting way. One day they entered the classroom with a bunch of flowers, some cupcakes and two adorable kittens. There is no need to say how the teacher reacted to this.

At first she thought that they brought the kittens just to play with, but when she was informed that they were hers, she couldn’t keep her excitement and became happy again.

The woman smiled again! That’s so touching!

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