The kitty was sleeping on a rubbish pile and was indifferent but now he is loved and sleeps in a comfortable bed

A cutie found in a rubbish, that became a loved one for his new family

A kind woman found a grey “pompom” on a pile of rubbish on the street. After closer investigation it turned out to be a kitten and he curled up into a tight ball to protect his body from the cold.

It was close to New Jersey and the temperature was 7 degrees Celsius. The lonely cat tried to warm up and be a little comfortable, but he just had one old cloth to do it. He didn’t have a chance of survival.

The kind passer by understood, that it was hard for him to survive the cold on his own and called the local animal rights organisation with the help of Facebook. A volunteer named Athena wanted to take the kitten immediately.

“I asked if I could take the kitten. I couldn’t think about anything else. I was worried about the baby’s fate.” told the volunteer.

When the kitten was given to Athena she felt relaxed. He was vigilant, anxious and also furious, as he declared his feline rights.

The poor kitten bounced on a food bowl. After eating his meal, the owners let him relax and recover before showering.

When Athena placed him on a soft blanket, the cat purred and turned onto his back, showing his stomach. “At first we thought we must socialise him since he was aggressive. But them he started to demand affection.” told the volunteers.

After taking a bath the kitten was cleared of the filth and motor oil.

“Possibly he tried to warm himself under the hood of the automobile, near to the engine. And we decided to name him Bert, like the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.”

Bert is now cared for fleas and ear mites, but is still taking anthelmintics because of some digestive problems.

“He is almost healthy.”

The cute kitten isn’t thinking about food and shelter. He quickly got used to his new home and became addicted to his adopted father’s touch.

Life is now amazing.

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