The kitten with a “werewolf” appearance is completely different from his family members

The sweetness of a kitten, that later became a werewolf 

When Gracie was born he looked absolutely typical kitten. But Brianna Waltman soon understood that Gracie wasn’t like her other 11 brothers and sisters: she was a wolf cat.

Brianna Walyman adopted two befriended pregnant cats and each of them gave birth to six kittens and Gracie appeared in her life.

“I am a birth photographer and doula and I was excited to be present for two kitten deliveries and help cat mothers if they needed.” told Waltman. “And after a week women started to sleep in one bed and we assisted in putting all the babies to them in order all the babies get enough milk. It was very cute to see two of them become mothers and see the freight of parenthood.”

Gracie was much little and not so playful as her brothers and sisters, although she enjoyed two mothers’ care and she started to lose her hair.

The vet told, that Gracie’s hair loss was probably because of a fever, but her fur carried on to come out despite special care from her foster parents.

“Gracie was fully bald for almost a week until her peach fuzz became to return. It was a spotted black and white when it first began to appear. I considered it was amazing and thought it was because of the sickness”

Gracie was already 3 months old when Waltman understood that the kitten’s unusual appearance was caused because of a unique genetic mutation found in some pets.

“I had seem some cats in usual videos online, that looked like her previous version. And after doing some investigation I understood she was a wolf cat.”

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A wolf cat, known as a Lykoi has scrimpy, wiry fur and is known to be a partly hairless cat. She also had hairless area on her body, such as her eyes, chin, nose, muzzle and behind the ears.

Gracie may have has a slow start, but she has become a healthy and cute pet.

“Gracie is a usual home cat. When I go to bed, she likes to rest, play with her toys and chase her tail.”

Waltman liked all her foster kittens, but Gracie turned out to be one of a kind.

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