The kitten shows her gratitude to the staff in an unusual way

Perfect relationships of a cat with his new owner

This year a citizen of California saw a kitten, that needed help. Their dog went out and returned with a small kitten. He had been alone and was a few days old.

The founder of a shelter Jacqueline De Amor read a post about the kitten in need of medical care and volunteered to take him in.

“We understood he was a fighter from the first moment we saw him. He went the full hour long journey home.”

Jellybean was able to recover in three days and he was ready to fascinate his folks.

He pushes his tongue out after each feeding, showing gratitude.

“He started to eat big portions after some times and after a few weeks has gained weight.He didn’t stop drinking milk until he was seven weeks old.”

They knew how much she liked to have a permanent owner, they were overjoyed when the previous owner wanted to adopt Jellybean again. Ans we made sure they were the perfect match after a conversation”

The owner had been watching from the beginning of Jellybean’s rehabilitation and had fallen in love with him.

“He felt relaxed. Jellybean feels good in her permanent home with his beloved owner and new siblings.”

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