The happiest kitten in the world: The kitten was saved with her brothers and sisters

It’s amazing, that there are such a lot of stories with happy ending 

All of us like happy endings to pet rescue stories and this is one of them. This is Dadel, a cutie that was found leftover with her brothers and sisters behind a garden shed. All of them were rescued by the local kitten rescue group when they were found just in time.

The kittens were cared for ear mites and assisted back to health before being adopted to their new families.

Dadel was the weakest of all and needed more care to recover his health, before being adopted. Dadel now has a caring and loving family and enjoys his best life as you can see in the video:

Here are some photos of Dadel together with his furry brothers before they were taken to the rescue program:

Dadel now has a big family consisted of two dogs, two saved cats and of course a loving pet parent!

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