The half frozen cat was saved by the volunteers and is ready for adoption

The poor cat, that was saved just in time 

It is difficult to be the half of the day on the street in winter and it was awful for those, who live there and don’t have the opportunity to get warm. Stray animals, that have neither owners nor homes, live in such awful conditions.

Frosts came all of a sudden in the city of Fort Smith. And a homeless cat named Ben was shaking from the cold and his hope of being saved was quickly vanishing.

He was found in such condition by caring passers by, who immediately asked for help from an animal shelter.

“Looking at him I couldn’t believe he would be able to run away.” told one of the animal rights campaigners.

As the frost was very bad, Ben had little chance to survive. The cat’s whole body was extraordinarily cold and crimson frostbite remarks were seen on its hind legs.

But rescuers were able to quickly warm the cat up. Then they cared for his injuries.

The cat is recovering in the shelter where he gets medical treatment, love and food. After the full recovery shelter staff will help him find a perfect home. Sadly there are many cats like Ben, that didn’t have a place to live. And animal protection organisations have limited resources.

Let’s hope the cat finds the best home, fully recovers and forgets about his difficulties.

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