The exchange of presents will make the contact between the man and his crow neighbors more powerful  

Crows are clever birds and this story is a clear evidence of that.

Stuart Dalkvist, 56, tweeted a present he received from a crow family who owed him six years ago.

A Seattle man noticed a family of chicks in his backyard chirping while their parents nursed them. He was not bothered by the presence of these beings. But one day in his backyard, he witnessed how the chicks fell out of the nest, and their parents could not assist them.

“[The chicks] could almost fly, but instead they just ran out into the yard while their parents screamed,” Dalkvist said.

“I caught them both as well as put them on a tree. I put something to eat and drink under it in case they fall again.”

The kind-hearted man began to nurse the birds with food and water almost every day for many years. Step by step, the crows understood that he was their real fellow.

These birds can recognize faces, which helps them remember which people are a threat and which are fellows.

And you know what, some animals know that when they owe someone a favor, they should express gratitude.

One day, Dalkvist was amazed when he nursed the crows a deer branch adorned with a soda can.

The man was on cloud nine, thinking it was a thank you present from a crow.

“I noticed it right away because I’m very emotional about where the garbage goes,” he told The Dodo.

The following day, the crows brought a branch and put it in the same location. The man nursed them for years without demanding anything in return, but their response exceeded his expectations.

“It’s not just kindness, it’s creativity, it’s art. “My mind is corrupted.” Dalkvist wrote:

So cute! We are sure that the exchange of presents will make the contact between the man and his crow neighbors more powerful.

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