The dog who disappeared at once, returned 7 years later, but now he is so different

The dog vanished at once, but 7 years later surprised his owners.

Meet Sammy, a 6 months old cute dog, who lived with his caring family. The cutie was loved by all neighbours and enjoyed playing in the yard all day.

But one day he was having time in the yard of his house when something unexpected happened. Sammy disappeared at once without being noticed by anyone.

After some time his family adopted another dog named Billie, who filled Sammy’s gap in the family. The owners continued living their usual lives giving much love and attention to their new member.

But one day, they received a call, which completely changed their lives. WISH Animal Rescue informed them that their previous dog Sammy was at Foothills Animal Hospital.
7 years later their lovely dog returned…

As it turned out later, the cutie had a difficult life and suffered a lot because of humans’ bad attitude.
Sammy immediately remembered his lovely humans. When he saw them getting out of the car, began to wag his tail.

Now Sammy is 10 years old, and Billie is 9. They both are cute and adorable. Although now Sammy looks so different and hardly stands on his feet and also is deaf, he is the best and the prettiest for his owners.

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