The clip shows a stubborn dog driving a Tesla on the highway alone  

It was a Tesla model, famous for its automatic transference.

The dog was spotted driving a car on a freeway in Austin without touching the steering wheel or stepping on the gas pedal.

It was a Tesla model, famous for its automatic transference.

Nevertheless, the person who shared the popular clip, Blake Missick, is famous for sharing some cool clips, like the one in which he claims to have tamed a werewolf.

Viewers were completely divided on whether the dog actually “drives” the car.

Tesla has a feature that turns off the car after 30 seconds in case no one touches the steering wheel. Blake’s clip stops at 29 seconds.

When a news channel interviewed Missick about the popular post, the latter stated that he had nothing to do with the clip.

He complained that he did not know anyone who would have a Tesla but would like to.

Both the commentator and Missick accepted that there should be someone in the car to prevent the dog from crashing into the car.

Missick remains very “upset” during the interview, with many viewers believing that he may have orchestrated the clip himself.

In the original clip, Missick is sitting in the passenger seat of another car.

He supposedly overheard a clip of a dog driver on his mobile phone. He says. “This is madness.” several times during the clip.

While many are doubtful about the authenticity of the popular clip, it’s great to imagine a world where a dog is able to drive. This pup was joyful just enjoying the walk through the window.

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