The cat wants to befriend with passers by, although she can’t leave the house

The sweet white cat with a very friendly personality 

Kittens are cute pets, who need usual human care. Although the cat was kept in a secure place, it still tries to get out to welcome passers by in this way.

Just look at the sweetness of this friendly and cuddly cat. It just wanted to welcome passers by and enjoy freedom. So the cat tried to greet people by sticking his front legs out the entrance.

The cat becomes happy, when it tries to welcome passers by.

When people came to welcome her, she sticks out her legs for the catcher. She is a very sociable and cute cat, that is always ready to make friends with everyone.

Even if no one comes to meet the cat, she still pushes her hands to enjoy the wind.

This is a picture of a really cute and funny cat, that wanted to make passers by welcome her by holding her paws. She became the beloved one of the whole neighbourhood and everyone stops to shake hands with her every day.

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