The cat, that is considered to be the tallest in the world

The cat, that grew up together with the family’s children

The cat named Ludo was the heaviest cat in his litter and he wasn’t done growing.

Ludo continued to grow, becoming larger than many of his family members. He is very gentle, he liked watching after his beloved ones, especially his little brother Ryder.

He got the title of being the world’s longest domestic cat by Guinness World Records.

But Ludo continued to grow. He recently weighed 34 pounds and is bigger than when he was measured.

Ludo’s little brother Ryan is well protected by him. And the same was with their other brother Cameron. They became best friends, as he was always next to the boy.

“He’s very gentle, like a huge teddy bear” told their mother. “Ludo likes to sit on Cameron’s bed and watch him all the time when he wasn’t feeling well.”

“The best part is that they grew up together. Ludo adores being next to our two boys and keep an eye on them.”

Ludo is the King of the House and also King of the Cats!

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