The cat is in love with his father all day long and asks for cuddles

A loving cat, that wants hugs and kisses all day long

If you consider cats selfish and unsociable, this post will change your mind immediately.

This is Archie, a cute cat who is so much in love with his father, that he is trying to attract his attention at any time. He is cute, affectionate and gentle and he adores showing his love towards his father.

Archie’s father Adam told, that he took the cat from local vet clinic when he was a small kitten. He likes being touched and adored, so he climbs up to his father every time he sits. All he wants from his father id to give him hugs and snuggles.

“If you lie down, that’s the full cuddle, all his body will be on your face. And all he wants is to be hugged and kissed, which means you will have a lot of hair all over you.”

Just look at this video to see how Archie adores his father:

Adam and Archie are in love with each other and now they share a home together. As their connection is very strong nothing can break it.

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