The cat is in love with hair ties and her human mother finds them stored under the washing machine

The hiding place of a cat, where she kept her beloved things

Aloe has always refused to play with ordinary cat toys since she was a kitten. She likes to play with hair ties. They’re her beloved thing in the world. She is happy as long as she has her hair ties.

Aloe’s mother saw her recently on the floor trying to free something caught under the washing machine. She thought it was a hair tie and went to help and found out a surprise.

Aloe’s mother Anne Tam thought it was a single one and used a clothes hanger to get it out. But instead she discovered 30 hair ties there!

When Aloe asked for help, she revealed her hidden hair ties not on purpose, but it wasn’t planned. But she liked them being put out in front of her, so it all went successful.

“I think Aloe was the happiest when she saw them. She just sat still and looked at them for a second before pawing at them. It was a really funny moment.”

Just because her mother found out the hidden place of Aloe, she won’t stop collecting her hair ties. They’re her beloved things and she’ll find a way to play with them and hide them in the house.

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