The boldest kitten changed into a teddy bear and it’s just amazing

A strange story, that ended happily 

A good friend gave this lovely kitty to Stephen Stringer. Stephen named his pet Norris after his late grandmother. And one day he took his beloved kitten to animal rights campaigners to be microchipped.

The usual method wasn’t successful. When the doctor implanted the microchip, Norris became weak suddenly. The kitten’s body reacted so strange, that the vets advised the owner to euthanise the animal.

Stephen was perplexed and amazed, but happily his friend Paul was with him. Paul wrote the story on Facebook and expressed his thoughts that the vets must have made a mistake.

“For a long time, the kitten wasn’t able to hold its head, move its paws or open its eyes. Now the microchip is being removed and we are waiting for an MRI.”

The cat’s owner Stephen didn’t know if the cat was a tenant, but he didn’t want to euthanise it. Then a miracle occurred, a kitten started to get back. He must go through a lot of medical treatment, but the most important thing is that he wants to live.

His owner captured a lot of videos, showing that his pet is making a recovery.

And of course Stephen understood how he was true when he refused to euthanise the kitten. Norris will recover completely in the future.

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