Shar Pei and newly born foals make friends rapidly in the pasturage  

The Chino Shar Pei is quite accustomed to life in the English countryside.

But that all changed as soon as a newborn foal walked up and left the one-year-old dog at a loss as to how to respond.

Duke, the foal, was only a week old when he and Chino premier time crossed a beautiful pasturage full of white and yellow flowers. When he first sees Duke, Chino strays from his route.

But when Duke approaches, Chino instantly sits down to watch. He looks into the face of a black and white foal as if he is raising him.

The Duke bows his head then takes a few cautious steps forward. Then he steps back and makes a circle. Meanwhile, Chino is still a statue.

But when Duke approaches again, Chino jumps up and gives chase.

The two instantly begin to frolic, playing like old companions.

When Duke, at last, runs to his mother, Chino apparently hasn’t finished playing yet. He follows his new companion as well as sits behind him in the pasturage, prepared for the next game.

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