People rejected him because of his illness, but he was able to find his perfect permanent home

A cute cat with health problems, whom people just rejected 

This poor ill cat was unable to find a home.

He spent most of his time in a cage, but everything changed when he found his perfect permanent home.

Benjamin Hugo Noggin known as Benny came to the sanctuary when his owner passed away and left him and his four siblings alone. The other kittens were already adopted, but no one wanted Benny.

Benny is blind and also has other health problems.

Benny was taken to a loving vet’s clinic.

He was frightened and puzzled by all the changes. Benny couldn’t spend all his life in a cage, so they called a local rescue group, who shared his photo on the Internet.

They immediately contacted Milo’s Sanctuary and they happily accepted. He was transferred to his Lifetime Care Foster home, where he’s learning he’s safe and appreciated.

Benny hasn’t yet understood how to use a litter box, so we have given him a plethora of pee pads.

He also follows a special diet for his digestive problems and received subcutaneous fluids to keep hydrated. We don’t know why he won’t drink from a dish of water. He also needs blood tests very often to make sure his salt level is normal.

Benny is still a cute, sensitive youngster with a quirky sense of humour. He enjoys his food, toys and especially his new spanking post!

“We endured Benny he would always have a home at the sanctuary and with you help we will be able to keep our promise.”

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