Parents got a cat to help their autistic daughter calm down, and it was the best decision ever

The smart cat supports her little human a lot!

Iris Grace is a 5 years old beautiful girl with autism, who paints amazing pictures. The child has a great guardian, who never leaves her side and always makes her happier and calmer. It’s an adorable cat named Thula, who was brought just for one reason; to help the girl be more quiet.

The catty is only 1 year old, but she is so smart and caring and knows how to make her little human calm and happy. Her parents are amazed by their strong bond; they have never expected that their daughter would befriend with the cat so fast. Iris sometimes says some words to Thula and involves him in her games. All these are so important for the girl’s health and in this way she behaves herself calmer.

The parents searched for a cat for a long time, and when they took Thula home and saw the cute reaction of their daughter, they realised that they made the best decision ever.

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