No one can be indifferent about this catty’s attractive eyes, that make her so unique

What stunning eyes she has!

Have you ever seen such a cat with different coloured eyes? Or would you like to have one?

Bowie is an adorable catty with attractive eyes, that gain everyone’s attention both in real life and on social media. The beauty has heterochromia, a disease, as a result of which one eye gets one color, the second one the other.

She is so playful and energetic and never gets tired. The cutie enjoys playing with other cats and befriends with almost everyone. She loves to make new companions, even though some cats don’t want to socialise with her.

The owners named her after English singer David Bowie. Maybe the cutie has meowsical talents, too.

However, she is so cute and beautiful on her own way and enjoys a big popularity on the Internet.

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