Mom surprised her pit bull with a cute kitten that won the dog’s heart at first sight. That’s wonderful!

Now Bubba has a new baby, a little kitten, whom she adores with all her heart.

Meet Bubba, a kind pit bull, who had been rescued and lived in a shelter, until her actual owner named Rebecca Pizzello, adopted her when she was still 3 months old.

Because Bubba shared her room with a litter of kittens in the shelter, she got used to live with them and this made her love cats.
Once her human mom decided to surprise her with a cute kitten. The dog waited for this moment for six years.

The woman adopted an amazing kitten from a shelter, and thought that Rue, the catty, was the best choice, because Bubba and Rue are in the same colour, and their first meeting was wonderful. They got along with each other just few hours after the cat’s arrival.

Now Rue feels safe and protected next to the caring dog and gets much love and attention from Bubba. Rue thinks she is her mom and Bubba loves it. They are inseparable and enjoy being together all day.

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