Men spotted a dog by the road and when they stopped to give him water, found out something terrible

This cute dog just wants to live!

One day, when two men were driving along the road, they spotted a defenceless pup on the side of the road. They stopped to give him some water, but what they discovered later, left them speechless.
They saw that the cutie had a serious injury on his head and needed a quick help.

The men immediately took him to a vet clinic, where it turned out that the poor animal had been shot for several times. Probably, it had been done by the local teenagers for fun. This is a big problem in our society, and it needs to be solved as fast as possible.

The vets called him Bondok, and although the baby got all the appropriate treatment, he became blind because of the terrible attack. But the brave dog fought until the end and succeeded. He just wanted to live. What a strong boy!

Now Bondok is completely healthy, and is impatiently waiting for his forever home.

Good luck, Bondok!

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