Leftover kittens were saved from the road and are now ready to meet their adoptive human father

Sweet abandoned kittens, that didn’t want to be apart

The lifeless cat was found on the street with five small kittens. The poor kittens had no one to turn to, and then a miracle happened.

The kittens were immediately transferred to the shelter thanks to the kind passerby. Their mother was probably hit by the vehicle.

Kittens were very cautious of people and hugged each other looking for help. The more courageous ones covered the more scared ones.

A volunteer named Jen took the kittens to overexposure. The kittens were very happy being in her house as it was warmer and much comfortable than in the shelter.

The kittens made it clear, that they had no intention of being apart. All five kittens slept and played together in a bug chamber.

Jen organised a video monitoring one day to see what they were doing while she was away. They investigated the camera, smelled it and after that lost their interest in it.

The kitten’s father Ian spent a lot of time playing with them. The kittens liked, when he puts them into the bug pocket of his hoodie and walks around the house with them.

The kittens grew up after two weeks and became recognisable individuals. The youngest of the litter named Pesto also developed confidence.

“It’s amazing, that the kittens were able to survive the catastrophe, but we looked after them and hope they find loving homes.” told Jen.

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