It is probable that you will become a witness to something that you did not suspect before  

Nature never stops astonishing humans.

It is probable that you will become a witness to something that you did not suspect before.

This will be an exceptional chance in a lifetime. For instance, if you are sightseeing on the shore, you see an enormous whale emerging from the water right next to your ship. You should feel like you won a lottery ticket. Amazing!

This is what occurs to photographer Douglas Kraft. He recorded fascinating moments while watching whales from a ship in Monterey Bay in California waters.

An enormous humpback whale has been noticed jumping out of the water right next to a fishing ship. It was close to the fisherman.

Douglas captured incredible shots of the enormous sea mammal from the porthole of his ship.

The scene stunned him for a few seconds, but he instantly took out his camera and carried it away. Happily, his shooting angle allowed him to get a clearer image of the dot. Notably, the creature looked incredibly tiny compared to the fishing ship.

“I went below deck to shoot through the hole at the waterline. “That’s what gives incredible perspective to the above,” he reported to the news agency.

When photographers shared shots of the infected giant goose on his social media pages, they right away gained popularity. People can’t stop “astonishing” what Douglas captured on his camera. It’s a wonder.

Douglas received assistance from whale watcher Keith Cummings as well, who was able to film the whale’s explosion. “It was a pleasure to make this clip. The whale had already broken away from the fisherman several times.

“But from time to time, when the whales break through several times, they go in a certain way, creating underwater momentum for the next break,” Keith told the media.

You can check the clip below.

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