“Funny reaction to a thief” The cat has the best reaction to a possum trying to steal his food

An amusing fight between a cat and a possum

I’m a tolerant person and I don’t get angry very quickly, but if anyone gets closer to my meal I will get furious. So I understand this poor kitten, that was gone for supper and discovers a thief trying to steal his food.

This kitten responds to his owner instead of paws of fury as if to say: “Why are you letting it to happen to me?”. When he sees the possum’s sweet face she seems to forget its usual instincts. And it becomes an amusing anecdote.

The cat’s reaction is really funny when he begs his owner: “Just do something, please.” The stubborn possum didn’t seem to stop and it seems that possum 1 cat 0 will be the outcome this time.

Scroll down to see the result of the battle between a cat and a possum and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Excuse me, this dinner in mine.”

“Please, do something.”

“Can you see there is a mistake. You gave my dinner to this fraud by accident.”

“Are you serious? I’m hungry and you’re going to just stand and capture this… That’s enough.”

“I will also eat. Oh my favourite cat food.”

“Ok, sorry.”

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