Friendly dog who becomes friends with wonderful ducklings  

There is nothing more charming than two animals who can’t get enough of each other’s presence.

The precious dachshund can’t help but become friends with his new companion when his family retrieves a wild egg they find in their backyard.

Loulou is an internet favorite with hundreds of thousands of fans. Her amazing clips can make anyone smile, no matter how bad your day was.

His family affiliated Collonetta ducks a few years ago and one day they discovered a surprise.

There were eggs in the duck cage and the family made a decision to bring them in and incubate them.

From the moment he hatched as a healthy duckling, Loulou became attached. He slept near the container with ducklings and excitedly wagged his tail.

The amazing duet loves to snuggle up to each other, and Loulou even kisses the precious bird a few times.

It’s great to see how two creatures that don’t usually go together form an exceptional and charming connection.

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