Feral kittens found a new home after being saved from a leftover building

A sweet relationship of a girl, that melted the spicy kitten’s heart

Miss Dixie’s Kitten rescue recently found a leftover house, that was home to many sweet homeless cats. She saw two little kittens when they came near to the house.

So Mary went to her friend Ash, who has a trap, neuter snd return service. Ash and Mary came to the place to catch two little kittens and a mother cat.

But when they arrived to the place next day they found six adults and nine kittens in need of help. Adults were vaccinated, neutered and fixed before they were released to the colony to live their happy life.

But the kittens were taken to Mary’s house and some of them were frightened of Mary. They were uncertain to connect and look at Mary.

One of the kittens named Paqui was the spicier of the bunch. She hissed at Mary and wouldn’t allow her to pet her. Mary thought she would be bitten one day.

But all the other kittens quickly connected to Mary and this showed Paqui, that being friends with Mary was OK. So she started to demonstrate signs of recovery soon.

Mary knew, that Paqui’s spice was just a ruse. Paqui had finished hissing and was happy when Mary petted her.

She has become a young lady. Paqui and her brother were soon adopted and also many kittens were adopted too. Mary was overjoyed, that her kittens are feeling well in their new homes.

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