Everyone was puzzled by the cat’s unusual photograph

The myths, that were written about the unique cat photo

Cats are known as pouring themselves into the smallest spaces.

Marvin has taken things to a whole new level.

A Reddit user De Flippo shared one photo, where Marvin seem to be booped in the tummy being carried in her sister’s arms. But something is really strange: her hand seems to be going just through him.

A lot of comments were about the photo.

One Reddit user commented: “Please, explain this, by brain is exterminated.”

There must be some photoshop here, right?

De Flippo told: “The photo is real. Some people wrote, that I used Photoshop there, but this wasn’t true.”

So what happened?

The unusual photo turns to have a really nice explanation.

“Her hand goes beneath his right armpit, and her wrist was covered with his fluffy hair.” explained De Flippo.

To show Marvin’s pose, someone made this useful diagram:

So there’s no hole in the middle of Marvin’s body.

De Flippo shared many photos of him to prove it.

De Flippo also told: “He likes to be in our arms. He’s a chunky, sweet baby, who adores cuddling.”

He’s also really agile.

And of course Marvin has no idea about the mystery behind his photo. But De Flippo knew how much the cat would like it.

“He likes attention and all of the situation connected with the photo will make him happy. All the love of the whole world would be not enough for the cat.”

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