Dachshund Henrietta demonstrates crazy dance movements with mom Emily  

Thanks to his short legs, long body as well as playful nature, the Dachshund can be a great fellow for any person.

The clip below demonstrates the cute puppy moving in sync with his beloved parent.

Emily, the master of the dog, is very close to her favorite pet Henrietta. Incredibly, the couple has such a powerful connection when they do doggy freestyle on camera.

It is known that dog freestyle is set to music.

This commonly indicates dog training and a happy relationship. The harmony between dog and master is wonderful and at the same time not to be missed.

Nobody expected a dog to learn such movements without difficulty.

It’s hard to even imagine how long it took both of them to perform this dance. And the most amazing thing is at the end when Henrietta moves in the opposite direction. Inestimable!

Check the clip.

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