Boy and dog’s morning routine is the ideal start to the day  

It’s not an easy matter to begin your day without a cup of coffee.

At least that’s the case for the wonderful kid as well as his dog Reagan, who start each day with each other by making a hot drink and playing together.

The boy and his dog wake up ready for action, stopping only to hop onto the bed before hopping up and down the spiral staircase to the kitchen.

There they share a stool and brew coffee (probably uncaffeinated).

When their sparkling delicacies are finished, they sit side by side at the bar, a boy in fire truck pajamas and a dog in, ok, dog jammies.

“Good morning, Reagan.” the boy says before poking his face into his enormous mug.

Both of them clearly have an artsy daily routine and are possibly better prepared for the new day than the average adult.

And to be honest, they make the mornings cool enough.

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