An office life has changed a lot since the lady brought her cat to work

The new worker of the graphic design company 

A kind woman adopted a kitten and want to make sure she is safe and comfortable. The small fluffy now hets milk and all day long attention with the office staff.

The kitten was adopted by an employee of a graphic design company. The leftover kitten was in extreme need of a mother’s love.

The small kitten was transferred to the human mother’s office. Here, the baby may be watched at all fines, feed on time and be with happy people.

It was very quiet before the arrival of a new “employee”. But on that day all the staff of the office overjoyed by seeing the small creature. “Every four hours we hear a loud meow. It means it’s time to bottle feed the baby.” told the kitten’s mother.

“She sleeps most of the time, but maybe when she grows up things will change. For example, she will need a cat litter box.”

Joey walks around the keyboard and gets to the cup of coffee.”

The office manager and all the staff members were happy for the arrival of a kitten. When the kitten’s mother gets tired, colleagues happily take the advantage to nanny with the baby.

“Each of us takes it in turns to invite her to our desk.”

The word joey is referred to baby koalas. Our heroine is named so, because like a baby marsupial she adores to sit cozily in a bag or hide in a bundle of blankets.

She takes naps between meals.

The little animal explores the world and discovers something new for her with the full team. Loving people follow their beloved pet’s growth and development.

And the kitten is glad to be cared about by its loving owners, enjoys life and prospers.

After ling hours of work Joey fells asleep in her foster mother’s arms.

Staff is happy about a new working day, as they are sure they will be welcomed by a fluffy helper.

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