An emotional koala bear shouts after being thrown from a tree  

Koala bears look charming as well as cuddly creatures that you would love to have as pets.

Ironically, they are quite defective as well as territorial toward those around them.

When this couple of koalas are in a tree with each other, things get ugly.

The older koala is tired of the young one climbing his tree. The Elder leans down and carries on biting Joe, knocking him off the tree.

When the young koala has landed, he starts throwing a spasm such as a human child.

Not realizing that he doesn’t belong in the tree, Joey starts climbing up again, only to piss off the older koala again.

After another rapid and tense clash, the young koala is back on the ground. You’d think he’d already learned his lesson.

The whole thing was recorded on clip, with lions roaring in the background. Joining the singing of the lions, the koala starts crying and shouting again.

Happily, no koalas were damaged in this clash, and both are as wonderful as ever.

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