An emotional clip that ideally shows how a child and a dog become closest companions  

One of the closest bonds we can have is with a puppy companion.

 If you grew up with pets, you know how vital they are to your childhood.

The significant influence that an amiable puppy can have is transformative.

In 2007, a woman posted on the Internet that she had affiliated a dog after having a child. Just a month ago, her precious daughter was born before affiliating a wonderful black lab puppy.

Both were supposed to be, and the new mom made up her mind to document everything.

For the premier few years, the child and the dog explored the world together.

Their contact has deepened over the past 12 years and you can’t help but become attached to this adorable duo.

They went to school with each other, played outdoors, had snacks, and took naps along the way.

The emotional clip ideally captures what it’s like to have a dog closest companion, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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