A young woman left her job to travel with a cat across the world

The travelling companions, that decided to swim across the world

Liz Clark, a “pirate girl” has completely sank herself in sailing across the world after abandoning her job as a bartender.

Captain Lizzy also took a kitten with her from another country.

“She got used to the life surrounded by the water. The cat named Amelie liked catching fish just from the yacht and also going along the beach and trekking.”

“I think she now understands that i will take care of her and by the end of the journey she will have made forever stamps. Thanks to her I’m confident aboard the yacht.”

Liz Clark has already been in Mexico’s west coast, Central America and the Pacific ocean.

Clark has been on the sea since abandoning her job.

Liz Clark also keeps a journal about her journey.

And she also took a cat form the shelter in France and named her Amelie.

Clark considered a kitten a true lioness and careless swagger, although she was underweight and hungry.

“She got used to being surrounded by water.”

“I’ll take care of her and I hope she will have a forever impression about the journey when it would be over.”

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