A very thankful cat, that brings slippers to her mother

A sign of gratitude, that will amaze everyone

Lulu’s life was forever changed two years ago. She transformed from being a poor shelter cat to her mother’s beloved friend.

And from that moment Lulu continues to say thank you in her own unusual way.

Lulu started her unusual habit a few months after being adopted. Lulu started bringing slippers to her owner every morning, when she understood she likes to put them on when she wakes up. She takes them from the places, where her mother had put them last day.

Lulu can carry one at a time, so she makes two journeys.

Lulu’s owners daughter Kayla told: “My mother was amazed, when she did it for the first time. And to show gratitude to Lulu she put on the slippers and the habit became continuous.”

And here’s a video of Lulu doing the habit.

And it was just the first pair.

And here’s the video of Lulu bringing the other one.

Kayla considered a joke the thought of her mother that Lulu would bring her slippers every day.

“I couldn’t believe in her words, until she demonstrated the video.”

But now everyone knows the cute gesture of Lulu.

Although it’s hard to understand Lulu’s thoughts, she just wanted to send a simple message.

Kayla told: “It was clear, that she just wants to thank my mother for taking care of her so well.”

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