A stray cat learned to trust again after being saved

An abandoned cat, that wanted another chance of happy life 

Not all street cats are wild, many of them were leftover by their owners or lost for different reasons.

Morris was not a wild cat, despite his rough attitude. Locals say, he had been hiding for a year, until he was saved by the Flatbush crew.

Flatbush Cats is a non profit organisation for decreasing the number of street cats in New York.

Flatbush Cats focuses on trap, neuter and return, teaching people this process and of course cat saviour and adoption, as there are more than 500000 street cats in New York City.

Morris was very shy and it was clear, that he was abandoned by his owner and left to survive alone on the streets.

Their purpose was regain his fate and they heard his first purr. Morris decided to allow people touch him after relaxing in a calm, stable atmosphere for a few days.

He was finally starting to feel safe and due to this began to show his true personality. He was happy for the attention he was receiving and wanted to offer back.

All he wanted is someone who trusted in him.

We are so happy, that Morris had another chance to live a happy life.

Just look at the video.

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