A small homeless kitten was able to find a new home in the park

The kitten, that showed unbelievable signs of confidence in his new owner

The small homeless kitten went to the young man and stopped him to demonstrate a big desire to be taken with him.

A man named Kawasaki Hina told, that one summer while walking in the park he saw a homeless kitten, who went after him and didn’t allow him to go a single step. He followed him everywhere like a duckling. And the young man was touched and took the kitten. He also captured their meeting.

When he brought the cat home it snuggled up next to him and immediately fell asleep. And just after an hour he was completely used to his new owner and calmly slept on his lap. He soon got used to his new place and proved to be active and mobile, like other kittens. And after a few days he chose the owner’s bed to sleep in.

From the beginning the kitten showed unbelievable signs of confidence in his new owner, as he slept calmly on his back. This showed, that he felt completely secure.

The kitten named Vel-Chan has been fascinated with anime. He adores watching cartoons and also playing musical instruments.

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