A rescue kitten is in love with the family dog after being rejected by her cat siblings

The lovers cat and dog: Amazing love story 

Kittens named Pony, Tia, Evy and Kittay can be utter jerks to one another from time to time. These four babies get along well or at least tolerate each other.

They didn’t want to communicate with a cute cat named Dave, that came to their house and they showed it.

Dave and her two siblings were discovered in an old shed by the founder of an animal shelter Kelly Dinham. It’s possible, that the stray mother cat got into the shed and gave birth there.

Dinham was able to take the mother cat to neuter her, but she refused to come back to take care of her kittens. Dingam’s mother Kim decided to take two of them, Ed and Aiden to her house. Dinham selected Dave as he was the smallest and weakest one.

Dinham’s other kittens were not happy for the arrival of a newcomer. “The other cats were older and they considered Dave as nasty. They didn’t want to play with him. They also started to hiss when Dave tried to come too close.”

Dave befriended with Dinham’s golden retriever named Sookie.

At first when Dave jumped up to Sookie she was sleeping. A big golden retriever didn’t seem to like the small kitten. But Dave continued to play with her tail and bite her paws, as if she were a big toy. Sookie at first seemed to get angry, but then she liked him.

“Sookie was kind and attentive when Dave was little, playing and cuddling him when he slept. Sookie has always took care of Dave and became a caring mother.”

When Dave gets older he appreciates to sleep then play. Although there’s no more place on the couch, he cuddles up to Sookie when he wants to sleep.

Dave and Sookie became close friends, but other kittens seem not to care. They still don’t like Dave.

And only after Dinham rescued two more kittens Mangoes and Tickles, Dave was able to find feline friends. “He likes his new feline friends, but Sookie will always be in a special place for him.”

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