A rapper gave up music to dedicate his time to rescuing leftover kittens

Animal rescue can unite all the people in the world 

Generous people remind us, that taking after and giving love to others is the most important thing in the midst of a pandemic and the hardships we face every day.

A rapper named Sterling Davis, who recently shared amazing news on Instagram by announcing his decision to retire from his music career in order to assist saving stray and abandoned kittens, is a perfect example of this.

Davis’ goal is to give a full follow up for these animals, from sterilisation and vet care to the adoption by an adopter or a family. The rapper also told, that he may come back to his music career, but now this break is essential for him. He has no time limit to restart his career.

The enterprise is done to reduce the number of stray cat population in Atlanta and there’s no more dedicated volunteer than Sterling Davis.

The artist informed his band, that he wasn’t going to perform on tour, as he decided to dedicate his whole time to assisting the felines.

He entered into a non profit organisation called TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions.

However after some time all the raper’s money was spent and he had no way of continuing his career, another idea occurred to him. He sold everything he owned and moved into a truck to collect money and be able to pay for the cat’s procedures.

The idea became so popular on Instagram, that NGO Atlanta Humane Society decided to pay for all the neutered cats he brought in.

Davis told: “I think, that a simple thing like animal rescue can unite all the people in the world, so I’m going to continue to assign that.”

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