A poor cat with a strong ear infection and covered in fleas used the polling station as a home

A cunning kitten, that appeared in a polling station 

No one knows where she’d come from or how she’d ended up there. They could only say one thing: she was awesome. One man could see more and found her need for help.

She had spent most of her day at a voting location when one of the candidates saw, that this little kitten needed care and love, so she took her to the cat rescue centre.

Nobody knew how she ended up at the voting station, but one thing was clear: she was happy to be safe.

She flipped over, showing her tummy and demanded belly rubs after a short examination of her new digs.

After treating her infections she was immediately transferred to a foster home with her new mother Erin.

She followed Erin everywhere she went. Erin named her Adeline.

When she was finally ready for adopting the shelter took cute Adeline to an adoption event.

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