A policeman saved a little kitten from a busy highway with many cars

A kind deed of a generous policeman 

It’s possible, that a kitten named Libby is snuggled up in the unusual makeshift bed, a policeman cap, because it belongs to the policeman who just rescued her life.

The awful story of Libby’s rescue by a courageous policeman Cameron Koss was shared by the police department. After seeing the kitten in the middle of the busy highway the caring policeman called for help. Libby got stuck and was at risk of being stuck.

Koss immediately acted.

Libby is safe now and she knew to whom be grateful. She even had the opportunity to wear his cap.

After a short relax at the police station Libby was transferred to the animal shelter. She was cared for a respiratory ailment.

Libby is now ready for adoption. She needs to be saved one more time and be placed in a loving and caring home.

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