A matted rescue cat, that had to be shaved was like a gloomy pug

An unusual cat with a pug like appearance 

A cat named LePew was found wandering the Florida streets ill and matted and was taken by the large shelter. Her fur was in really bad condition and the rescuers decided to shave her all, including whiskers.

The little cat was like a pug when she was totally shaved and shorn of her whiskers.

LePew was soon taken by a smaller shelter and placed in a foster home, where she was introduced to Jessica Lorman.

Lorman was visiting LePew’s family and was in love with the ill, but awesome cat and decided she would be in her family.

“I couldn’t reject the offer, when my friend offered me and my husband adopt her, as we already have experience taking care of cats with long term medical issues.”

“She was too amazing and cute to be rejected. I bought a ticket for her on the airplane to come with me after I received the formal Okay from the second agency to adopt her.”

Despite her grumpy, pug like appearance, LePew is the sweetest cat you will ever see and she quickly adopted to the life with her new family. Her rescue cat siblings accepted her immediately, as if she’d always been there.

“It’s like they know, that if we bring a new cat into the house, it will be one with a similar narrative to them.”

“We haven’t had long adjustment period with any of them. We have adopted the most awesome cats, who would have otherwise been overlooked, as they are either old or have unusual needs.”

LePew isn’t frightened of anything. She’s calm and easygoing with people, even with people she hasn’t met before. She reacts much more mild to them, than they do to her, because most people don’t think she’s a cat.

As LePew needed to be shaved and she looked like a strange pug than a cat, most people want to know what she is.

Her mother is sure, that her fur will soon start to grow. Her whiskers are already growing, but for now she attracts a lot of attention and she seems to like it.

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