A kind woman is overjoyed to be able to work hard to look after her cats

The human generosity regardless of wealth 

All of us can be wealthy or poor, but no matter your financial condition you may be happy for small things, such as the sweetness of kittens.

Just try to live a modest, but happy life. Millionaires weren’t born with a lot of money. They can just have money to eat and feed their kittens. They can also make the cats happy, although there aren’t many of them.

And our story is about a sweet mother and her nasty cat. The owner isn’t healthy enough to live without going to work, but she is still happy to be able to take care of her beloved friends.

Each of us has different levels of richness and poverty. But everyone should be happy with her cat no matter her financial condition. Just imagine a happiness of whose, who go to work every day to be able to take care of their cats.

The cats lived joyfully and cozily, although her house wasn’t very rich. But they were loved, cared after and played all the time.

The cats and kittens huddled close to each other when it was time to feed. Although the mother worked hard, she always feeds her kittens to her stomach. And also there are many cats in the house to take care of.

Here are photos of cute cats and kittens joyfully eating together.

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