A homeless cat comes to the windowsill to be let in

A cute stray cat, that had a virus common in homeless cats

Every day for about a year a homeless cat named Carlton came to the same window. A young woman, who lived in the house saw him and offered everything she could give the hungry cat during his visits.

It was clear, that Carlton wanted a simple life.

Then the woman found a laceration behind his ear after hearing him cry outside a window. She knee she couldn’t left him outside.

So she and her sister asked for help from the rescue organisation.

“It was the worst rescue season on record. We have never had such a lot of rescue requests.” told the cofounder if the rescue organisation Lisa Scroggins.

The family left Carlton with Scroggins, who took him to the vet. The vet treated his ear and told, that he had a common virus in male stray cats.

Although his diagnosis won’t effect his health state if he gets the appropriate medication, Scroggins understood, that it would be even more difficult to find a home for the cat as people thought, that FIV positive and FIV negative cats can’t live together.

But Carlton deserves to have a second chance at life and find a loving and caring family.

While Carlton’s fate is still unknown it is obvious, that whomever adopts him will be really fortunate.

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