A feral horse rescues a young man from drowning in a touching moment  

Horses are one of the cutest and most caring animals, particularly when one of them is in trouble.

These marvelous creatures are always ready to risk their lives in search of their family.

Whether they live on a farm or in the wilderness, horses are brave when it comes to defending those they care about.

It was a wild stallion that came up and saved the day when the young and inexpert foal struggled to cross the river. The considerable moment occurred in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona. Luckily, one of the rangers witnessed the scene and even recorded it on camera.

Once home to thousands of feral horses, Arizona’s biggest national wood is currently home to a number of families of mustangs.

So, when Park Service free will Becky Standridge detected a group of people enjoying lunch on the Salt River, she instantly recognized them. It was the popular Champion, the dominant stallion with his big family.

It was such a quiet afternoon that the calm atmosphere was all of a sudden disturbed by noisy planes from the other side of the river. Although they are quite regional animals, horses are quite peaceful (except for the mating period).

So, despite the two groups of horses initially ignoring each other, the brave Champion eventually made up his mind to cross the river and investigate.

Only the powerful current was too rapid for the inexpert foal.

In a matter of seconds, the little boy was swallowed up by a swift river, it seems that some fate awaits him. Luckily, a powerful champion was there to save the day.

When he spotted that the young horse was really fighting to keep his head afloat, an enormous stallion came close to him and pointed him in the right direction.

As a foster father, he took the unfortunate foal under his wing and defended him until he reached secure waters and then finally across the river.

The dramatic scene was photographed in a series of thrilling shots. Check.

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