A cute shelter cat, that learned to stand like a human

A shelter cat, who needs to be loved and cared

A guy from India first saw Roo living outside and immediately noticed her twisted front legs, but Roo didn’t seem to notice anything. To help the cat the guy built a ramp leading up to his porch in order Roo could come for food and care.

The guy called the Official Humane Association of Clark County about his friend Roo as he wanted to move.

One of the workers of Association told: “The man was afraid the new ranters wouldn’t care for her.”

The shelter decided to take Roo and her kitten and they immediately fell in love with her. They couldn’t understand how Roo was able to move around having twisted front legs.

But they saw her running, walking and standing on her rear legs like a human.

Roo perfectly knows how to move around since it’s all she’s doing and although many people consider her technique funny, Roo sees them as just another aspect of life.

“She didn’t know she has any problems.”

Her standing position is really cute and it goes well with her behaviour. Everyone enjoyed knowing Roo and taking care of her at the shelter, but they also want to find a perfect home as fast as possible.

Roo feels herself at home in the shelter and is looking for a permanent home. She needs a family that likes her uniqueness and can help her with any further assistance, but most of all she needs love.

Everyone in the shelter wants to find a perfect home for Roo, where they will see the light in her as they do.

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