A cat with four ears was found and adopted by a loving family

A cute and active kitten, who likes to go on walks

A woman from Pennsylvania found a rescue kitten while she was working at Animal Safe Heaven and Adoptions.

Swati decided to take Aslan and provide him a loving home, after discovering him with 14 others, that had been saved from the colony.

“He’s a sweetie. He needs to sleep close to me at night and grab my arm.” she told.

“He is very sociable and active cat. He adores going out for walks.”

“He likes food no matter it comes from a cat, a dog or a person. He demands to try everything and if he doesn’t receive what he wants he just steals it and runs away.”

“I received a call, that 14 kittens from a colony had been rescued. When I went to take the new babies, I was told there was a little cat with four ears.”

“I have never seen such a thing.” This mutation was unknown for me.

“I was amazed. I immediately started to hug and kiss when I first saw him. He was the size of my hand and was really small. And I knew he would come with me.”

“I immediately fell in live with him. He was very cute.”

Aslan doesn’t have problems with his additional ears. He just had some feeding problems.

“He struggles to eat.”

The cat named Angel and a dog named Kingston like racing around and playing with the active kitten.

“We trained him with a leash and also we go on walks in the backyard. He walks around the house meowing so loudly if he’s bored.”

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